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Start With One Ripple Effect

Mary's Story

Marys Story

The first ripple starts with the story of Mary Wangechi Muthomi a beneficiary of the Uzima Water Filters. Mary is a vibrant 73-year-old lady who lives in the  Muronyo  area of Lanet Umoja in Nakuru County, Kenya. Mary lives with her husband Samuel Ndungu in their home.   Mary and Samuel were blessed with 16 children, but unfortunately lost 4 to water borne diseases and they have 12 surviving children.
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Throwing Stones

Skipping Stones

When I was little … ok even today, I enjoy skipping stones into a pool of still water. I loved seeing how many times I could get the stone to skip over the water. For those of you who share this past time, you will understand that it is important to choose the correct stone to get the best results. I think my personal best was 12 skips.

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