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Start With One believes that God intends for us to care for children – mind, body and soul.
There are several complicated reasons why a child may not be able to attend in Kenya. In some cases, a child may not attend school because the family simply can’t afford the supplies or a uniform and other school fees for their child. Having food and shelter is the priority. In other cases, the child may not attend school because they are orphaned and have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or other disease. They rely on the kindness of someone to provide a place for them to come in from the cold. Other children are taken in by elderly family members and must attend to the daily needs of that person - there is no time for school.
At Start With One we believe in “one sponsor to one child” program because it promotes friendship and responsibility. Sponsors in this program have come to visit the child they sponsor nurturing that one on one relationship. In these relationships each sponsor commits to ensuing that the child’s educational costs are met annually. The sponsorship costs are from $600 per year per child. (some cases may be more depending on the child’s situation)
We have worked with several individuals /volunteers who want to help with a child’s education but they simple can’t afford to commit to the annual costs. In addition, we have found in our work in Kenya, that some parents may be able to provide for some but not all of their child’s education costs. Therefore, with the varying funding possibilities and the varying needs of the children we have created an Education Fund. These funds bridge the gap where the "traditional sponsorship" program may fall short.
The Start With One Traditional Sponsorship Program and The Education Fund both provide scholarships and provides for students needs.