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A Holy Adventure

I have been on a holy adventure and have not known it. God has been directing my steps even without my knowledge. As I have found myself tuning into what God has been saying to me ... I found myself confronted with these words:

Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight" Proverbs 3:4-6

I have read and heard this verse too many times to count. But I haven't listened to these words until this holy adventure began. Two words jumped out at me ... the first one was TRUST ... the next was ALL. Trusting completely is a foreign word to many of us. I have trusted on occasion and mostly trusting with only parts of my life. So I am confronted with that word ... ALL. I have heard that the Gospel comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. To be honest here, I fit within the second category as many of us do.

The term "Holy Adventure" I cannot claim as my own. A book by that name by Bruce Epperly and the words within were a catalyst for making clear to me what God is calling me to. As I began to read chapter one and was deep within the book (only after two and a half pages) Mr. Epperly highlighted a section called for reflection. The following is what it said:
"For Reflection
Stop a moment right now and listen to the deeper rythms of your life.

* What restlessness of spirit awakens you at night?
* What dreams in your life are still unfulfilled?
* What ideals can you reclaim that you have sacrificed for comfort or success?
* What seeds of new life lie dormant beneath the busyness of your everyday tasks?
* If you were to claim an adventure in companionship with God's holy adventure right now, where might it take you?
* What might happen in your life if you chose to affirm throughout the day the following words: 'I am on a holy adventure with God as my companion.'"
I am not sure what these words speak to you, but to me, they brought me to my knees before God. The thing that has been waking me up at night has been the faces of the Kenyan people that I have been with before. The dream of living a life completely trusting in God was only a dream. I believe that I have been lulled to sleep ... believing that success and comfort are measured by money, titles, and things. The busyness of everyday made me feel as if I were accomplishing what God desired from me. If I were to claim an adventure right now, it was clear to me that it was to become a missionary. These words spoke clearly to me ... maybe they will to you too.

So I move to Kenya as a servant to touch the lives of others for the glory of God. To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that do not know it. And to make a difference to one life at a time. I have heard it said that we are like a rubber-band. God will stretch us ... but once the stretching is over we go back to a state that is not quite the same as we were before we were stretched. God has not allowed me to experience Him without it changing me. I give thanks to God for that.

God has placed a burning passion for the people of Kenya in my heart. I seek to walk along side with them in their lives and to get to know them. Jesus was all about relationships! I pray that my life will speak louder than words ... but I do hope that doors are opened to share the BEST News of Jesus Christ.

A saying that I take with me comes from a very beloved friend when it comes to the uncertainty of where this leads me ... "God knows!"

in His grip!
Bill Coble
President and Founder
Start With One International, Inc.